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Barber & Gent is part of an old school San Francisco barbering culture and tradition.  Located in the heart of Mission Street in Bernal Heights since 1980, Barber & Gent® and its partner shop, Blanca's Art of Hair, have been serving the San Francisco community for over 38 years. Our company motto is, "Building Community One Haircut at a Time."


Barber & Gent specializes in traditional and contemporary hairstyles for men and boys. Ladies are welcome to enjoy services by our salon, Blanca's Art of Hair . We offer top of the line, quality service to our clientele and we use the best products on our clients’ hair, skin, and scalp. Our team is exceptionally trained and experienced in the art of traditional barbering, hair styling, color, skin care, waxing and aesthetic techniques. We take great pride in helping our clients feel and look their best when they walk back into their world. We are experienced and have had success in handling bookings for major events, weddings, photo shoots, etc.  Simply call or Book Online Now to make your way into our boutique and experience what authentic men's and women's grooming is all about.


Luis Betancourt

Luis, our talented barber/hair stylist extraordinaire, whose passion for hair fashion knows no bounds. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to perfection, Luis specializes in a wide range of styles, from sleek fades, to women's styles, to timeless classics.

At Barber & Gent / Blanca's, Luis has found the perfect space to cultivate his skills and expand his knowledge. His commitment to excellence shines through in every haircut he delivers, leaving clients feeling transformed and confident.

He takes great pride in the trust that San Francisco patrons place in his craft. He understands the importance of delivering results that exceed expectations, and he takes joy in the satisfaction of his clients.

With Luis at the helm, you can rest assured that you'll receive a haircut experience that goes beyond just the ordinary. Step into our salon and let Luis work his magic, leaving you with a look that you've been waiting for!

Eddie "OG Eddie P." Smith

A real veteran in the game. Eddie has been cutting hair in San Francisco for 30 years.  He is very good at taper fades, shape-ups, hair designs, hair graphics and custom haircuts. A true artist to say the least. Eddie is also a music recording artist, a videographer, musician, and photographer.

When he's not doing music with his haircuts, he's producing music in his home studio.

If you live in Bernal Heights, you might run into Eddie while riding his unicycle around the neighborhood. 

Miya DeTrinidad

Meet Miya, the latest addition to our team, embodying our family's legacy with her remarkable talent in hair styling and makeup artistry. From a young age, Miya's passion for beauty and design has been evident. Now as an adult, we're delighted to have her join our team, carrying on the tradition passed down through generations in our family.

Having worked closely with her grandmother, Blanca, Miya has mastered haircuts, blowdry bar services, and makeup application. Her expertise shines brightest in makeup, leaving you confident and camera-ready for any occasion.

We're proud to welcome Miya to our salon family, continuing our commitment to excellence and creativity for years to come. Book Miya for your next event and discover the magic she brings to every client.

Mina Nezhadazar

is our Persian rapid superstar Stylist from Iran! She speaks English, Persian, and Turkish!  Mina has being hair styling for 9 years and is a true color expert. She holds multiple licenses in various countries and was also certified in San Francisco for styling and design. She is very talented in both men's and women's hair cutting and coloring. Mina spends part of her time at the Mercedes Benz Dealership in Pleasanton, CA where says enjoys showing and selling the new hot cars Mercedes has to offer.

Ivan Gomez

is our own in-house master barber. Book a time with Ivan if you want nothing less the best in San Francisco. He loves the craft of classic barbering techniques fused with today’s contemporary styles, modern looks, and cutting edge tools. Efficiency is his strength. Ivan has been cutting hair for over 25 years and is a local celebrity favorite. Some of his clients include members of the Golden State Warriors organization, the San Francisco Giants organization, and some Bay Area public figures, among others. Ivan enjoys the deep understanding of sculpture design, sphere design principles, shadow/cast shadow principles, positive/negative design theory, art design, and balance theory. Ivan feels that to be a great barber you have to have fundamental art and design capacity and awareness. He attended 4 years at the Academy or Art University in the Graphic Design Bachelors of Fine Art program.


On his time off, Ivan freelances in graphic design, he's a single dad to his beloved daughter Ivanna. Ivan also teaches bilingual (English & Spanish) workshops in classic barbering techniques ("Authentic Real World Barbering with Ivan") held at various colleges, vocational institutions, non-profit organizations and various professional hair grooming locations throughout Northern California. Ivan is available for on-site services at private events, weddings, media, and educational platforms. 

Ivan is the man! 



Rafael Rodriguez

He is one of San Francisco's most sought after barbers, hands down. Rafael has worked with Blanca's Art of Hair and Barber & Gent since 1998.  After riding with us for 20 plus years, Rafael is one of our senior master barbers.  His knowledge in barbering and cosmetology is very broad and extensive. Rafael knows mens precise haircuts, line-ups, classic straight-razor shaving. He is also one of the best in women styles, colors, etc. The Mission District knows Rafael! This man does it all!

A true expert in hair for both men and women. 

Sarah Alfaro

Step into the chair with Sarah, where getting a haircut becomes an unforgettable experience. With her charm and remarkable personality, Sarah brings a refreshing energy to the shop, catering to both men and women seeking the perfect haircut.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Sarah takes her time to ensure every detail is just right. If you're in no rush, she's the ideal stylist for you. Clients appreciate her meticulous approach and the attention she devotes to their needs.

Beyond her skills with the scissors, Sarah is a master conversationalist. Whether discussing the latest trends or delving into intriguing topics, she creates an atmosphere of warmth and connection.

In just a short time, Sarah has become a favorite among clients. Catch her on Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm to 8:30pm for your next smooth fade, facial, or beard trim. Ladies, she's ready to work her magic for you too! Don't miss out—book your appointment with Sarah today.

Blanca Flores 

Blanca Flores, the visionary behind Blanca’s Art of Hair, is a revered figure in the hair industry. With the establishment of her business in 1980, Blanca revolutionized the industry by introducing the first unisex hair salon and barber shop in San Francisco. She's also celebrated for pioneering permanent makeup and micro-blading services for women in the Bay Area.


In addition to her groundbreaking contributions, Blanca has been recognized as an industry leader and mentor to many barbers and stylists. Her accolades include numerous awards and certificates, underscoring her impeccable work ethic and professionalism.


For expert hair services, from color treatments to creative designs, Blanca is your go-to stylist. Beyond her salon work, she indulges her passion for global cuisine, travel, and literature.


* True Fun Fact!*

Blanca's commitment to community extends to her culinary ventures. In the 80s, she owned "Casa Blanca," a Nicaraguan restaurant, before re-launching it as "Taqueria Hollywood" in the 90s. Blanca's innovation in menu offerings, like introducing Central American style black beans, has left a lasting impact on the Mission District's culinary scene.

At Blanca’s Art of Hair, we take pride in our San Francisco roots and welcome you to experience our warm, family-like atmosphere. Whether you're here for a haircut or a styling session, unwind with complimentary beverages and savor the moment. Cheers to a memorable visit

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Blanca Flores
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Luis Bentancourt
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Eddie P.
Miya Detrinidad
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Miya Detrinidad
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25th & Capp Street in SF. 
Our 1st and original location.
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