HAIRCUT • $35 (30 minutes) 

Regular haircut done with clippers and shears, no straight-razor line-up.  

Prices may vary per service according to length of hair.

(Straight razor not included.)

DELUXE HAIRCUT (includes straight-razor finishing)• $45 (35 minutes) 

Precision haircut done with clippers and shears, hot towel treatment, finished with a straight-razor line-up. Prices may vary per service according to length of hair.



ALL SHEARS HAIRCUT• $45 (40 minutes) 

Haircut performed with cutting shears, no clippers

BALD FADE • $45 (35 minutes) 

Clean cut razor fade or foil shaver fade on the sides and back of the head. 

Shear or clipper work on top to the length of you liking. 

Please specify whether you want a straight razor or foil shaver for your service. (40 minutes)

BUZZ • $25 (20 minutes) 

Precision single blade/guard clipper short cut, no scissor work. (Neckline taper upon request)

LONG HAIRCUT • $45+ (35 minutes) 

Haircuts on hair lengths to or beyond the shoulders.

JUNIOR GENT • $25 (25 minutes) 

Boys 1-12 years old. (Lolli pop upon request)

HEAD SHAVE • $40 (30 minutes) 

Straight razor shave on the entire head with eucalyptus infused steamed towel, pre-shave oil, heavy cream, and hot lather.


CUSTOM DESIGN HAIRCUT• $55 (40 minutes) 

Any special unique design. Mohawk, faux-hawk, artistic graphics and custom design shapes.

CLASSIC SHAVE • $40 (35 minutes) 

Straight razor shave with eucalyptus infused steamed towel, pre-shave oil, heavy cream, and hot lather..


FACIAL TREATMENT • $35 (25 minutes) 

Relax and experience our facial cleanser, scrub, mask, moisturizer and toner, with a steamed towel treatment.


BEARD TRIM • $25 (20 minutes) 

A well balanced mustache and beard trim finished with a deluxe bear oil. 


BEARD TRIM & RAZOR LINE-UP • $35 (30 minutes) 

A well balanced mustache and beard trim.  Includes a straight-razor line-up, eucalyptus infused

steamed towel treatment, pre-shave oil, heavy ultra glide shaving cream, hot lather, aftershave, finished with  facial moisturizer and deluxe bear oil.

BEARD COLOR SERVICE • $55 (30 minutes) 

Top-of-the-line beard coloring service to get rid of whites or grays.

NECK & BEARD LINE-UP • $20 (15 minutes) 

Clean up the beard line, neckline, front and back hairline with trimmers or straight razor.


HAIRCUT & SHAVE COMBO SPECIAL • $70 (45 minutes) 

Full service experience including our haircut and classic straight razor shave.

(Known for being a birthday & wedding favorite. We offer gift certificates.)



Our haircut with mustache and beard trim.


Our haircut with mustache, beard trim, and razor line up.



("THE FULL PACKAGE"• $100 (60 minutes) 

3 service package including our Haircut, Classic Shave (or Beard Trim), and B&G Facial Treatment. Shampoo & Conditioning treatment upon request is included with this service.

(A birthday, special occasion & wedding favorite. We offer gift certificates.)

SCALP MANIPULATION • $10 (10 minutes) 

Deep shampooing and conditioning service. An intense scalp massage treatment with some of our high-end professional products. 


NOSE HAIR WAX SERVICE • $15 (15 minutes) 

Everything you need for a smooth, clean nose. Remove embarrassing and unwanted nose hair. 


*Times may vary on booking site.


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